randy cook photography

I’ve long had several outlets for artistic expression, including drawing, painting, and even music. I came by my interests quite honestly, from my dad Charles, who was blessed with natural, God given talent.

Photography has always been a lingering interest. Though somewhat recessed until a few years ago, I began to take the craft more seriously and wanted to incorporate into other forms of expression. Photography can open an entirely new way of looking at things - everyday, common things in fact. You are able to capture moments in time, gone a split second later, never to be seen again exactly as you just viewed. To me that’s incredibly exciting.

My wife, Jennifer, has been a source of encouragement and support. Enduring long days and nights, accompanying me on long shoots just for a day or the weekend. This site would not be possible without her help - and I thank her. We both hope you get pleasure from all you see here.

Thanks to you all, enjoy.

Randy Cook